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steve cottrell  [ email ]

August 05, 2014, 11:17

Rate/Rank : n\a
Address:   Philadelphia pa     215 290 9584
Thank you all for your service! My father ed cottrell served on the ship when it was commissioned in Mississippi until 1959. He share great stories about his time aboard. He passed away a few years ago if anyone new him please feel free to contact me I would to hear more stories and see a few pictures

Henry "Wally" Sanchez  [ email ]

July 25, 2014, 17:29

Rate/Rank : BM3
      (714) 483-2564
Rate/Rank : BM3
Address: California
Hey crew members from 74-77. It's me wally. please call me on temporary phone 706-496-0994. it's been a long time and would love to hear from you guys. just found this website and would like to see if anybody is around me.

New number (714)483-2564 from Bell Gardens

Chuck Jividen

June 29, 2014, 09:18

Rate/Rank : GMG2
Looking forward to seeing all of you in Eugene this year!!

Johnny Witt  [ email ]

June 26, 2014, 08:03

Rate/Rank : YN3
Address:   Burleson, TX     817 295-9824
OK shipmates its that time of year again. If you haven't made your reservations for the upcoming reunion in Eugene, Organ, its time to act. John Rumer is in Eugene right now checking things out. John says every thing is looking up for another great reunion. Also, don't forget to bring something for the auction. The auction really helps us out on our expenses every year. Come on ship mates, get your wives and children together and come have some fun..

Shaughnessy, Patrick  [ email ]

June 15, 2014, 20:59

Rate/Rank : HN
Address:   8 bryce avenue, Glen Cove NY 11542     516 - 578 - 7360
(Message Revised)

Oorah Gents,

Let me first clarify, I was not on this ship. I wasn't even born yet, but my father was. The West Pac in 1979 - 1980. I'm writing on the forum to see if anyone here remembers (MM3/E-4) (0000) Mark G Shaughnessy. He served on board for a short time just before getting out in 1980. He came from the Barb SSN - 596 where he served for two years/ If anyone (anyone) had any information or knows anything about that specific deployment and what he was like (dirty filthy sea stories and all, the dirtier the better), please feel free to contact me at 516 - 578 - 7360. any information at all would be extremely helpful.

Thank You all for your service and dedication to the country,

(HN/E-3)8404 Shaugbnessy, Patrick

Shaughnessy, Patrick  [ email ]

June 15, 2014, 20:53

Rate/Rank : HN
Address:   8 bryce avenue, Glen Cove NY     516 - 578 - 7360
Let me first clarify, I was not on this ship. I wasn't even born yet, but my father was. The West Pac in 1979 - 1980. I'm writing on the forum to see if anyone here remembers (MM3/E-4) (0000) Mark G Shaughnessy. He served on board for a short time just before getting out in 1980. He came from the Barb SSN - 596 where he served for two years/ If anyone (anyone) had any information or knows anything about that specific deployment and what he was like (dirty filthy sea stories and all, the dirtier the better), please feel free to contact me at 516 - 578 - 7360. any information at all would be extremely helpful.

Rolando Perez  [ email ]

June 03, 2014, 16:39

Rate/Rank : GMG2
A special "Hello" to all my shipmates., I was on board from '76 to '79., Remember all good times and trying ones. Thank you for all the memories.

James Bible  [ email ]

June 02, 2014, 11:18

Rate/Rank : BM2
Served from 78-79 Deck First Division. Good Times.

Ryan Michael  [ email ]

May 24, 2014, 19:05

Rate/Rank : mm3
Address:   5912 N Teekem Falls Way     2089491048
It sure is great to see this website up, Best times of my life were spent on the tomy-t, Miss all the friends I had would love to hear from the glory gang

Paul "MAC" MCDONNELL  [ email ]

May 15, 2014, 19:26

Rate/Rank : E6

Veronica Collins  [ email ]

April 14, 2014, 17:26

Rate/Rank : rm1
Address:   7552 Sandholdt, road Moss landing, ca.     8317061407
My daddy was on this boat. He is of course retired. RM1 Collins. Tours in the 80s. I would love to surprise him with a connection. If anyone can remember. Please contact me. Veronica Collins Navy Brat.

Larry Conner

March 29, 2014, 14:34

Rate/Rank : MM3
Happy Viet Nam Veterans Day to all.

William (Bill) Palo  [ email ]

March 26, 2014, 20:40

Rate/Rank : MM3
Address:   5135 N Fessenden St Portland Or.97203     503-286-0722
hope to be helpful in Eugene OREGON

David "cokes" Gubbels  [ email ]

March 24, 2014, 17:05

Rate/Rank : BT3
Address:   Minnesota    
Updated e-mail
served as BT3 73-75
Hope to make a reunion or two after retirement 2-5 years.

Larry Conner

February 23, 2014, 18:41

Rate/Rank : MM3
Making plans for Eugene reunion.

Marvin Oswald 1970-71  [ email ]

December 21, 2013, 13:44

Rate/Rank : SN
Address:   820 West Hampton St. Leesville,SC     803-532-6902
I serve aboard The Uss Thomaston 70-71. I was in the 2th divison. I would like to wish all crew members and their family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I enjoy the website very much,good job Randy.

Stewart Burniston  [ email ]

November 10, 2013, 01:49

Rate/Rank : EM1
Hello to my fellow shipmates of the Uss Thomaston. It was a helluva last cruise for the ship with all we went thru and was alot of hard work getting her ready to be decomissioned.

Fair winds and following seas...

Edward Martin  [ email ]

October 29, 2013, 13:53

Rate/Rank : BT3
Address:   Norwich, Connecticut    
Served on the Thomaston from 71-73 didn't know about this site until now Great job!!!!

Dean E. Brooks  [ email ]

October 08, 2013, 01:15

Rate/Rank : FTM3
Address:   Grants Pass, OR 97527     541-944-6805
Served on USS Thomaston from April 1957 to September 1958. I was aboard for the 1957-1958 West Pac Cruise.

Soon after getting back to San Diego from the Far East I was assigned to Shore Patrol at Fleet Landing. I was called back aboard to get ready to depart. China was shelling the island of Quemoy and all ships were getting ready to clear San Diego harbor.

The morning orders was to ballast down and get ready to take on small craft and supplies. When the ballast shack was lit off a stream of water opened into the engine room. In a matter of minutes we were on the bottom at pier 2.

I departed the ship back to Shore Patrol and separation on September 6, 1958.

Johnny Witt 69-73  [ email ]

September 18, 2013, 10:36

Rate/Rank : YN3
      817 295-9824
Just had another great Thomaston reunion in New Orleans, LA. Everyone always has a great time and the food was outstanding. Want to thank Roy and Kathy Breaux for great planning of the reunion. Next year we will be heading to Eugene, Oregon. Make your plans now. Johnny Witt...

Charlie "Gramps" Schufer  [ email ]

August 28, 2013, 20:13

Rate/Rank : BM/SN
Address:   23644 Gravino Rd. - Valencia, CA 91355     (661) 259-1441
Served on Big Tom Feb. 1959 to Dec. 1962. 3 Westpac's and the Cuban Thing in '62. Boat coxswain, crane oper., davit oper. and a bunch of shit. Did not make last reunion but did make the previous 4 or 5. If this is your 1st reunion, you will have a great time. I am looking forward to it. See you there!

Henry "wally" Sanchez  [ email ]

August 10, 2013, 04:17

Rate/Rank : BM3
Address:   California     706-496-0994
Hey crew members from 74-77. It's me wally. please call me on temporary phone 706-496-0994. it's been a long time and would love to hear from you guys. just found this website and would like to see if anybody is around me.

Mark Austin  [ email ]

July 27, 2013, 22:43

Rate/Rank : EN3
Address:   Columbia City, IN     260-503-4660
Served on the Thomaston from 1970-1972. I was in A gang. Good times, sometimes better forgotten.

Dale Clair Okelberry  [ email ]

July 21, 2013, 15:25

Rate/Rank : CPO3
Address:   539 South 750 East! River Heights, Utah     435-753-2231
I served on the Thomaston in April-May 1968 attached to Beachmasters Unit One support to 3rd Marines Div. Made river trips to deliver/pickup troops and equipment. Anyone remember these trips?

Jeri Eichler Young  [ email ]

July 19, 2013, 23:32

Rate/Rank : Unkno
Address:   Po Box 651, Pinetop, AZ 85935    

My Father, Jerry L Eichler, served on the Thomaston from approx 1965-1969. He passed away 07-16-2011. My children, his grandchildren have asked so many questions about what he did in the Navy, where he was, who he served with. If anyone recognizes his name, or remembers serving with him, any information you can give me would be wonderful.

Thank you all, for your service to our country.

A Sailor's Daughter.....

Jeri L Eichler-Young

Len Hammond  [ email ]

July 06, 2013, 16:57

Rate/Rank : SK2
Address:   91-1335 Keoneula Blvd, Unit 506; Ewa Bea    
I was the GSK LPO from 1971 to 1972. I made the trip to Diego Garcia ('71-'72) and transferred to Language School on return to San Diego for further assignment to Naval Advisory Group, VN.
I am trying to track down a plaque for the "Tom Cat". I lost my in one of my many moves and would like to replace it.
If there is one out there I would pay for it and the shipment.
Len Hammond

Joe Wallace  [ email ]

June 25, 2013, 20:12

Rate/Rank : SgtMC
Address:   475 Laurel Ave. Highland Park, IL     XXXXXXXXXX
Served aboard LSD-28 from January 1973 to Gulf of Tonkin, Hong Kong, Upper MAU Camp (PI), and 2 weeks in Mindoro. Served with G Battery, 3d Bn, 12thMar, attached to BLT 1/4.
Rotated back to the world 8/1973.

Wd Bailey  [ email ]

June 12, 2013, 10:58

Rate/Rank : RM3
Looking forward to another great reunion in New Orleans! Thanks again to John and Peggy Rumer for all they do for our group!!!!

Craig Trull  [ email ]

June 07, 2013, 16:57

Rate/Rank : mmfn
On board the Tomcat from 7 Oct. 64 until 28 Mar.66 , Served with my brother in the forward engine room, he was a bt. We made a few west pack tours together.Good times & good memories

Kataleah Smith  [ email ]

June 06, 2013, 15:26

Rate/Rank : SSG
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Keep up the good work. I will pass the word about your website and I will visit again. Thanks!

Clovis Long  [ email ]

June 05, 2013, 12:44

Rate/Rank : QM3
Looking for one of your old shipmates and ours. Looking for Garry F. Barnes, He went on board the Thomaston LSD-28 as and EM3 in May of 67 after he was transfered from the Terrell County LST-1157. You will enjoy New Orleans we held our 2012 reunion there and had a blast.
Thank you

Clovis O. Long
QM-3 USS Terrell County

Lenard R. Merrell  [ email ]

May 08, 2013, 21:20

Rate/Rank : RM3
Address:   51 crooked pine road port orange florida    
Served on the Thomaston in late 67 after returning from a year and half tour at Navcommsta Philippines. Enjoyed my time on the Thomaston.

Allen Bennett  [ email ]

April 23, 2013, 17:27

Rate/Rank : SM3
Hello Shipmates,

I served on board the Thomaston during 1974-1975.I'm seeking info about our whereabouts during Eagle Pull/
Frequent Wind for as Latitude/Longitude can anyone help.
Check my photo signal bridge.

SM3 Bennett

Dan Kaercher  [ email ]

April 02, 2013, 16:01

Rate/Rank : BM3
1963 - 1965 Ran Starboard Crane

Ivan "Gunner" Puett USMC  [ email ]

March 20, 2013, 14:42

Rate/Rank : CWO 4
Address:   Oceanside, Ca.     7608228857
I left San Diego on the Thomaston in Sept 1966 on route to Viet Nam. The ship passed through typhane IRA on the way to Okinawa. We off loaded and contiuned on another ship to Viet Nam. Great Web site.

John Rumer  [ email ]

March 18, 2013, 10:45

Rate/Rank : MM2
Address:   49 Douglas St Apt 21 Homosassa, Fl 34446     352-382-0246 or cell 352-613-7339
If anyone needs reunion info please see the reunion tab or contact me. If I forgot you "I'm sorry" or maybe I didn't have a good address or email for you.

Alan L. Cook  [ email ]

February 12, 2013, 08:10

Rate/Rank : BM3
Hello all, I served on the TomCat from 1973 thru 1975. Some really good guys on board then. We made three westpac tours and helped move refugees to PI. I was a cockswain and ran the captains gig the mark4 and the LCVP's.

shawn Beard  [ email ]

January 20, 2013, 18:46

Rate/Rank : BT 2
Address:   sterling, CO    
1980-1984 I was on the last WestPac and decommissioning. Worked in the forward fireroom. In Vegas (120/12) with Ed (Abe) Lincoln.

Glenn Maddox

January 20, 2013, 06:13

Rate/Rank : MM3

Terry E. McEwen  [ email ]

December 30, 2012, 03:21

Rate/Rank : SM3
I would like to get a bio of our CO, Captain Robert G. Thomson. Could anyone help with this? Thanks.

MARVIN OSWALD  [ email ]

December 08, 2012, 12:37

Rate/Rank : SN
Address:   820 WEST HAMPTON ST LEESVILLE SC 29070     803-535-6902

USS Thomaston Reunion  [ email ]

December 06, 2012, 10:39

Rate/Rank : Group
The latest reunion information has been updated on the website, please click on 'reunions'

David Hale  [ email ]

November 25, 2012, 07:13

Rate/Rank : MM2
Address:   2341 North 600 East     765-623-1968
Engine Room

Leonard LaMantia  [ email ]

November 14, 2012, 09:28

Rate/Rank : BMSN
Address:   9952 Rt 119 Hwy S, Blairsville, Pa 15717     412-601-1985
Just retired and wondering when and where the reunion for 2013 will be held? I served on the Tom Cat 69 - 70 in 2nd Div. deck crew plus drove captain's gig and the lcvp's.

baca richard  [ email ]

November 10, 2012, 18:15

Rate/Rank : bm3
severed on the tomcat 63 to 65 was in first div have been able to get in touch with a couple of ship mates, when I was on the tomcat,well , I do keep in touch with Guess bmsn and McDonald bmsn, Well, any way I want to wish all the Veterans A Happy Veterans DAY ,GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Bill "Critter" Crittenden, 72 - 73  [ email ]

November 03, 2012, 02:03

Rate/Rank : MM
Address:   Houston, Texas    
Howdy everyone. I was a MM in the forward engine room with Gary Klein, Dennis Kinsley, Sonny Bivens, Johnny Wooten, Wilber, Pizzaro, Smiley Morgan, Hennesee, Ketterman (RIP)and Brad Bingham (and many others). I really have a lot of great memories, I just did not totally appreciate what a good time we were really having right then. We did the New Zealand, Austria, PI, Hong Kong, Ceylon, Diego Garcia cruise. When I was young, in some ways, I was really young. Several years back, I was in San Diego and took the harbor cruise. We passed by the TomCat tied up at 32nd St, and a salior on the fan tail saw me looking at him. So he turned around and dropped his trousers providing me with the famous salute. Well being the the mature upstand gentleman I was then, I immediately returned the favor. He could have been us. Thank you for all the good memories, sow my wild oates, and grow up in the process. If you know the contact info for any of the above folks, please let me know or ask them to contact me. I would like to contact my buddy Fritzler, the Yeoman, if anyone knows what he is up too. We got tattos at the same time. There was also a great guy who was BT who was burned by a steam leak from the aux feed water pump - I have always hoped things worked out for him. Anyone know anything about him or what happened with him? I would really appreciate any info? I hope to see everyone at a reunion in the future. I am hoping to go to one soon. Regards, Critter

Ken Mack  [ email ]

October 30, 2012, 13:01

Rate/Rank : EM2
This last summer, 5 members of the 72-75 E-Division held in "informal" e-mail muster and shared some memories. It was great to hear from you all: Pete Bourgoin, Don Daniels, Steve Sutton, Dean Neumeyer, and Ken Mack.
Would still like to hear from any remaining Division members:
Mike Norris, Jim Dubina, Bob Abbott, Mike Legan, 'Moose' Williams, Phil Gonzales, Bruce Hatch.
"Those were the days, my friends..."

james switzer  [ email ]

September 25, 2012, 20:18

Rate/Rank : ftg3
Address:   Lynchburg,va 24503    
Served on the "Tom Cat" 2/61-3/62. I was looking over the slideshow of the 2005 reunion which we attended. Randy, on page 4 slide 1 is upside down. It is a picture of the MK 5 Target Designation System (TDS) Just fyi.
Thanks Jim Switzer

Fixed it. Thanks Jim.

Dave Kunz  [ email ]

September 21, 2012, 22:34

Rate/Rank : IC2
Address:   16561 SW 114th ST, Crete, NE. 68333     402-326-5040
I can't wait to get to the reunion this year! Last year was my first one and I had a blast! I was surprized that I had so much in common with the old-timers. Listening to some of those sea stories made me realize that some of those guys were crazier than us! That in itself is hard to believe. I think I could safely say a good time was had by all. I am so glad my buddy Pete Kenville is coming this year. If you were on the Tommy T and just found this website, then come on down! We all would love to see you.

Harry Lewis

September 18, 2012, 12:40

Rate/Rank : YN2
Nice job Randy.

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