USS Thomaston Awards and Medals...

Ribbon Code Description
AFEM Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
ASM Antarctica Service Medal
CAR Combat Action Ribbon
HSM Humanitarian Service Medal
JMUA Joint Meritorious Unit Award
MUC Meritorious Unit Commendation
NAVE Navy "E" Ribbon
NEM Navy Expeditionary Medal
NUC Navy Unit Commendation
PUC Presidential Unit Citation
  Republic of Philippine Presidential Unit Citation
RVNCA Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation (Civil Actions Medal, First Class Color w/Palm)
RVNGC RVNGC - Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation (Gallantry Cross medal Color with Palm)
VNSM Vietnam Service Medal
SLOC> Secretary of the Navy Letter of Commendation

Time Period for Awards and Medals...

Code Description Location/Name From To
AFEM Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Vietnam July 1,1958 July 3,1965
    Lebanon July 1,1958 Nov. 1,1958
    Quemoy-Matsu July 23,1958 June 1,1963
    Taiwan Straits Aug. 23,1958 June 1,1963
    Congo June 14,1960 Sept. 1,1962
    Laos April 19,1961 Oct. 7,1962
    Berlin Aug. 14,1961 June 1,1963
    Cuba Oct. 24,1962 Dec. 31,1962
    Vietnam* April 24,1963 May 3,1963
    Vietnam* Aug. 28,1963 Sept. 12,1963
    Congo Nov. 23,1964 Nov. 27,1964
    Vietnam* Dec. 27,1964 Jan. 31,1965
    Vietnam* Feb. 9,1965 Feb. 28,1965
    Vietnam* Mar. 9,1965 Mar. 14,1965
    Dominican Republic April 18,1965 Sept. 21,1966
    Vietnam* April 16,1965 April 23,1965
    Vietnam* May 1,1965 May 10,1965
    Vietnam* May 10,1965 May 21,1965
    Vietnam* May 25,1965 May 26,1965
    Korea Oct. 1,1966 June 3,1974
    Cambodia Mar. 29,1973 Aug. 15,1973
    Thailand Mar. 29,1973 Aug. 15,1973
    Eagle Pull April 11,1975 April 13,1975
    Frequent Wind April 29,1975 April 30,1975
    Mayaquez Operation May 15,1975  
    Grenada Oct. 23,1983 Nov. 21,1983
    Lebanon June 1,1983 Aug. 1,1984
    * one award for multiple dates    
ASM Antarctica Service Medal Training or service between fifteen to thirty consecutive days stationed in Antarctica July 7, 1960 Currently awarded
CAR Combat Action Ribbon Active participation of ground or surface combat December 7, 1941 March 1, 1961
HSM Humanitarian Service Medal Eagle Pull April 12,1975  
    Frequent Wind April 29,1975 April 30,1975
    Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup Aug. 19,1979 Aug. 17,1979
    Boat People Aug. 21,1981  
    Eagle Pull April 12,1975  
JMUA Joint Meritorious Unit Award Awarded to joint units or units tasked to perform a joint mission September 30, 1982 On Going
MUC Meritorious Unit Commendation Exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service, heroic deeds, or valorous actions January 1, 1944 Currently awarded
NAVE Navy "E" Ribbon Battle efficiency competition, to members of ships, squadrons or units. July 1,1976 Currently Awarded
NEM Navy Expeditionary Medal Iran/Indian Ocean April 28,1981 June 11,1981
    Cuba Jan. 3,1961 Oct. 23,1962
    Thailand May 16,1962 Aug. 10,1962
    Iran/Indian Ocean Dec. 6,1978 June 6,1979
    Iran/Indian Ocean Nov. 21,1979 Oct. 20,1981
    Lebanon Aug. 20,1982 May 31,1983
    Libya Jan. 20,1986 June 27,1986
    Vietnam Aug. 16,1966 Aug. 30,1966
    Vietnam Sept. 15,1966 Sept. 25,1966
    Vietnam Jan. 6,1967 Jan. 15,1967
    Vietnam Feb. 16,1967 Mar. 4,1967
    Vietnam Mar. 13,1968 Mar. 15,1968
    Vietnam Mar. 25,1968 April 15,1968
    Vietnam April 29,1968 June 16,1968
    Vietnam July 7,1968 Aug. 19,1968
NUC Navy Unit Commendation Unit heroism lesser than that required of a Presidential Unit Citation or non-combat service which was outstanding when compared to other units or organizations performing similar service December 18, 1944 Currently Awarded
PUC Presidential Unit Citation Gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions. December 7, 1941 Currently Awarded
RVNCA Republic of Vietnam
Meritorious Unit Citation (Civil Actions Medal, First Class Color w/Palm)
Awarded to military personnel, civilians, and Armed Forces units and organizations in recognition of deeds of valor or heroic conduct while in combat with the enemy. August 15, 1950 No longer awarded
RVNGC Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation Awarded to the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces and its Allies military personnel or units that performed outstanding achievements in the field of civil affairs May 12, 1964 No Longer awarded
VNSM Vietnam Service Medal Vietnam Aug. 23,1965 Aug. 26,1965
    Vietnam Sept. 14,1965 Sept. 17,1965
    Vietnam Feb. 4,1966 Feb. 7,1966
    Vietnam Mar. 13,1966 Mar. 16,1966
    Vietnam Aug. 13,1966 Aug. 31,1966
    Vietnam Sept. 13,1966 Sept. 20,1966
    Vietnam Oct. 6,1966 Nov. 11,1966
    Vietnam Jan. 1,1967 Jan. 13,1967
    Vietnam Feb. 13,1967 Mar. 4,1967
    Vietnam Mar. 12,1968 April 16,1968
    Vietnam April 27,1968 June 17,1968
    Vietnam July 6,1968 Aug. 21,1968
    Vietnam Aug. 25,1969 Aug. 28,1969
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