Landing Ship Dock Class of Ships...

Number Name Additional Information


LSD-1 USS Ashland Name used again for LSD-48
LSD-2 USS Belle Grove  
LSD-3 USS Carter Hall Name used again for LSD-50
LSD-4 USS Epping Forest  
LSD-5 USS Gunston Hall Name used again for LSD-44
LSD-6 USS Lindenwald  
LSD-7 USS Oak Hill  
LSD-8 USS White Marsh Taiwan Navy
LSD-9 HMS Battle Axe England
LSD-10 HMS Claymore England
LSD-11 HMS Cutlass England
LSD-12 HMS Dagger England

  Casa Grande

LSD-13 USS Casa Grande  
LSD-14 USS Rushmore Name used again for LSD-47
LSD-15 USS Shadwell In Mobile AL, used for fire fighting Download the history of the USS Shadwell (PDF)
LSD-16 USS Cabildo  
LSD-17 USS Catamount  
LSD-18 USS Colonial  
LSD-19 USS Comstock Same name as LSD-45
LSD-20 USS Donner  
LSD-21 USS Fort Mandan Greek Navy - LSD-21 update recieved on 2/20/00 the following information was received from a Greek sailor serving onboard the Fort Mandan: Regretfully I announce you the decommisioning of HNS (Hellenic Navy Ship) NAFKRATOUSSA, LSD of the Cabildo Class, on the end of February 2000. I cannot recall right now what the ship's name originally was, Ill look in my books, but it was built in 1945, and until today on active duty. After having completed nearly 50 years of service life, the ship was the last 2 years in a desolate condition with no spare parts for most of its devices and corrosion as much as 2/3 of wall thickness. the ship is to be stored either in Salamis or Crete naval stations and sold as scrap later on.
LSD-22 USS Fort Marion Taiwan Navy
LSD-23 USS Fort Snelling Laid down as Fort Snelling (LSD-23), 8 November 1944 at Gulf Shipbuilding Corp., Chickasaw, AL. Contract canceled (date unknown) Completed in 1956 as SS Carib Queen Acquired by the US Navy and assigned to the Military Sea transportation Service (MSTS) Classified as a Cargo Ship and placed in service, 15 January 1959, as USNS Taurus (T-AK-273)Reclassified as a Landing Ship Vehicle (T-LSV-8), 1 January 1963 Placed out of service in September 1968 at Yokosuka Japan Custody transferred to MARAD, 25 June 1969 for disposal Final Disposition, sold for scrapping, 25 June 1969 to Union Minerals and Alloys Corp., New York NY., 25 June 1969 Struck from the Naval Register, 22 June 1971
LSD-24 USS Point Defiance / Hilton Head Originally Hilton Head but renamed Point Defiance 30 December 1944, LSD-24 was laid down 28 May 1945 by Gulf Shipbuilding Corp., Chickasaw, Ala. After Japan capitulated the Navy canceled the contract for her construction 17 August 1945, but she was launched under private auspices 21 October 1945
LSD-25 USS San Marcos  
LSD-26 USS Tortuga Name used again for LSD-46
LSD-27 USS Whetstone  

LSD-28 USS Thomaston Commissoned Sept. 17th, 1954 and decommissoned Sept. 5th 1984. Her name struck from the Naval Vessel Register 02 Feb. 1992. The Thomaston was sold 29 Sept. 1995 and later towed to Texas where it was scrapped.
LSD-29 USS Plymouth Rock Commissoned Nov. 29th, 1954 and decommissoned Sept. 30th, 1983 then scrapped.
LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling Commissoned Mar. 31st, 1955 and decommissoned Sept. 30th, 1983 then scrapped.
LSD-31 USS Point Defiance Commissoned Jan. 24th, 1955 and decommissoned Sept. 28th, 1984 then scrapped.
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LSD-32 USS Spiegel Grove June 10, 2002, the USS Spiegel was sunk as an atificial reef off of Key Largo, Florida. For details see
LSD-33 USS Alamo Commissoned Aug. 24th, 1956 and decommissoned Sept. 28th, 1990 then sold to Brazil as Rio de Janeiro (G31) and decommissioned on June 15, 2012
LSD-34 USS Hermitage Commissoned Dec. 14th, 1956 and decommissoned Oct. 2nd, 1989 then sold to Brazil as CearĂ¡ (G30), in reserve
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LSD-35 USS Monticello Commissoned Mar. 29th, 1957 and decommissoned Oct. 1st, 1985 then sunk as a target off of Kauai, Hawaii

LSD-36 USS Anchorage Sunk as a target
LSD-37 USS Portland  
LSD-38 USS Pensacola Sold and transferred to the Republic of China, September 30th 1999
LSD-39 USS Mount Vernon Decommissioned on July 25th 2003 and sunk as a target on June 16, 2005
LSD-40 USS Fort Fisher Commissioned: December 9th 1972, Decommissioned February 27th 1998
On 30 September 2009, a contract to dismantle Fort Fisher was issued to International Shipbreaking Ltd. of Brownsville, Texas. Fort Fisher departed the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet on 5 January 2010 under tow to Brownsville.[3] Fort Fisher co


LSD-41 USS Whidbey Island  
LSD-42 USS Germantown  
LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry  
LSD-44 USS Gunston Hall Same name as LSD-5
LSD-45 USS Comstock Same name as LSD-19
LSD-46 USS Tortuga Same name as LSD-26
LSD-47 USS Rushmore Same name as LSD-14
LSD-48 USS Ashland Same name as LSD-1

LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry  
LSD-50 USS Carter Hall Same name as LSD-3
LSD-51 USS Oak Hill  
LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor